Our commitment to you is simply what we expect of ourselves.

Our culture, methodology and dedication to our clients go hand-in-hand. We refer to it as partnering for success and it’s the basis of our entire approach because our success is only possible with yours.

Our values


We source the best of fabrics and trims and the highest standards of workmanship to deliver comfort, wearability, durability and style. We test and check quality at every stage of production.


We listen. We are attentive, responsive, flexible, efficient and punctual with deliveries. We are innovative in developing solutions to customer needs.


We value knowledge, wisdom and experience and encourage a culture of improvement. We hire staff and link to partners with years of experience and deep insights into fabrics, garment manufacture, production processes, supply chains, logistics and retail solutions.


We conduct ourselves at all times with honesty and openness, and with respect to our staff, our customers and the communities we serve.

We take social responsibility seriously.

School students

Manufacturing standards

Wise Schools maintains an office in Shanghai with directly employed staff who handle our, design, sampling, orders and the relationships with our manufacturing factories.

Our factories in China are all located around the Shanghai area. They tend to be smaller entities and are well-known to us and are staffed by employees who gain social security and superannuation benefits and are employed by businesses which are frequently visited by Wise Schools China staff with a view to safeguarding our own company standards. Wise Schools knows the source and conditions of manufacture of the fabrics woven or knitted for our uniforms.

Giving back is in our DNA

The Wise Schools company constitution stipulates that 10% of all the company’s profits are set aside for charitable activities. These funds are dedicated to supporting educational initiatives aimed at helping children in extreme poverty. So far, funds have been deployed to assist war orphans in Nigeria to attend school.