We Understand Uniforms and Your Needs



I think we run our uniform shop really well. We want our wholesalers to provide efficient service, timely deliveries and consistent product. We also value flexibility.

We have created the supply infrastructure that delivers on quality, service and reliability.



School uniforms are a centrally important component of a school’s brand. The impressions formed by a family when a child is first fitted out in a school’s uniform are impressions that are commonly highly influential in shaping later attitudes.

The external branding of the school is critically linked to the visual impression made by its students as ambassadors travelling to and from the school. Students themselves are highly aware of and insightful in regards to uniform garment quality and function. School uniforms are important and complex. They represent a significant potential profit centre for a school if managed well, and are a highly important influencer of branding, reputation and parent and student satisfaction.


Wise Schools believes that a school should be in control of its uniform. We offer the expertise to devise an optimal solution for your uniform design, sourcing and distribution needs.