Why should we choose Wise Schools as our uniform supplier?

            Wise Schools has staff with decades of experience in meeting customer needs in the schoolwear industry and in garment production management. Our expertise in producing quality school uniform garments is second to none. We pride ourselves on this. Many of our current competitors were formerly our customers, supplying our source garment under their label before moving to learn about establishing their own supply systems. If you value industry expertise, and a trusted business relationship with a long-established, mature, respected Australian schoolwear company, we are the wholesale source supplier of choice.


Our uniform is different to those shown on your website - can you assist?

            Please contact us to discuss your specific needs: While we offer some lines as stock items, the vast majority of our production is school-specific indent business. We have the knowledge and design capabilities to produce whatever specific uniform requirements you have to meet your branding, style, comfort, quality and price objectives.


We do not require a complete uniform, only a single specific garment for a small group of school leaders, a team or a student cohort - can you assist?

            Please contact us to discuss your specific needs: we are helpful by disposition and will attempt to find a creative solution to your needs that can fit within commercial constraints, even where you require a small run of a specific garment such as a year 12 windcheater, blazers for a debating team or school leaders, or sporting attire for a team attending a special meet.


Do you mainly supply elite Private Schools with Academic uniform in capital cities?

            Wise Schools has supplied a large number of Australia’s prestige schools in major capital cities for many years and has earned a well-established reputation for high quality garments in the schoolwear sector. However, our place in the schoolwear market is much more comprehensive than this implies with our database of 9575 Australian schools and their corresponding sub-campuses providing a wholesale offering that spans Primary and Secondary Schools, Government, Catholic and Independent sectors, in both metropolitan and regional settings. We have experience in designing and manufacturing schoolwear for climates from Far-North Queensland, to Alice Springs to Hobart and with a range of budgetary constraints and styling preferences.


Do you offer video-conferencing for business meetings?

            Yes, we have dedicated video-conferencing facilities and find this an effective means for meetings, whether one-to-one or with a group.


Are you prepared to carry fabric and garment stock as a backup to our requirements?

            Wise Schools is happy to carry two seasons of fabric where this is required to meet weaving minimums and where an enduring business relationship is secured. We have a garment stock service to ease storage issues or capital outlay concerns of customers.


Where do you source your fabrics?

            Wise Schools has a long heritage in supplying quality fabrics to Australian school uniform manufacturers.  The correct quality fabric is the vital foundation to supplying durable and comfortable school uniform garments.  We source textiles from those regions which have notable expertise and a particular competitive advantage in that type of fabric.  For example, our super tough yet comfortable PV for boys’ trousers comes from some of India’s largest Polyester Viscose conglomerates while striped pure wools can come from smaller mills in China or the UK.  


Where do you source your garments?

            Many factors combine to determine the optimal place of manufacture including the quantity of the order, fabric origin, level of control, complexity and competitiveness.  We have our own office and technical centre with full-time staff in Shanghai which is run by one of our Directors and which coordinates most of our Chinese production. We also have reliable suppliers and long-term business relationships in India, Fiji & Sri Lanka with a consistent shipping of high-quality garments from these sources.  We maintain a small amount of Australian production to meet the requirement for very short timeline, small volume or bespoke orders for situations where it is commercially viable to do so.


Do you use ethical supply sources?

            It is a matter of integrity for our Directors that our supply chain operates in a socially and environmentally responsible way.  We do not deal blindly with our suppliers and do not simply rely on any of the multitude of certifications that have promulgated in recent years.  Often when making specific items for individual schools, the production quantity does not work for the larger factories which can afford the huge certification costs to demonstrate they are meeting minimum requirements. This approach for ensuring ethical supply is more applicable to companies with huge volumes of production. The smaller facilities we often use tend to be more worker friendly as staff retention and reliability of supply are key issues in this type of garment manufacturing and relationships remain important in delivering to a complex mix of small-run orders. Our experience over decades is that the best protection of ethical standards is assured by knowing who you are dealing with, establishing trusted business relationships based on shared values, visiting production facilities first hand and remaining open to learning and adapting as new opportunities and ideas present themselves while remaining close enough to production to understand their implications for staff and the environment. Ultimately good practices are linked to dealing with good people and maintaining a chain of responsibility through accountable relationships.


Do you do embroidery and custom printing for garments we order?

            Yes, we do embroidery for school garments and award pockets.  Most of our printing is sublimated but we can also arrange other print types if required.


Does Wise Schools guarantee the quality of its garments?

            Wise Schools guarantees the quality of our garments for workmanship and fabric for 12 months. Exceptions may apply by cause of accident, incorrect care, negligence, or the like, occurring after delivery and beyond our control. However, we expect our staff to be fair-minded, interested to understand the detail of any quality shortfall, eager to feed this knowledge back to improvements in production and motivated to rectify any discontent, optimise our customers’ experience and safeguard our reputation.


Does Wise Schools supply retailers in regional areas?

            Yes.  Wise Schools has many valued retail customers in regional areas: We understand they are often an important part of regional communities and we are proud to support them and respect the relationships they have built with their school customers.


Does Wise Schools have long-term customers?

            Yes, we have many long-term valued customers we have dealt with for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years and more.


How should I order from Wise Schools?

            Prior to a first order we like to set up a new customer on our systems, cross-checking the relevant details of the customer and the authorised purchasing officer, establishing lead-times, delivery details, the payment terms and conditions of supply. This can be done on the phone or by completing the relevant form and we subsequently send a confirmatory email for approval. Typically, most customers then simply email a formal Purchase Order to sales@wiseschools.com.au  The preference of some established customers, to reduce lead times, is that we commence to arrange fabric production for repeat orders based on sales history and they then issue their formal orders closer to the required delivery.  Fabric quantity can be arranged early based on an agreed guideline negotiated with the customer of an approximate total anticipated order and actual orders with size breakdowns come later when size distributions are better known.  We work flexibly with our customers on an understanding of trust.


Do you offer an electronic B2B ordering capability?

            Yes, we can readily set up a comprehensive B2B electronic ordering portal for select customers. This is specific to the individual customer (school) and their authorised representatives and protected by username and password. This does accrue a cost for us and so we limit this to customers who are:

  1. willing to supply all current uniform items to us to sample so our formal online offering is available across the complete school uniform, even if many of these are currently sourced from a competitor. (We use this method to maintain a detailed up-to-date formal competing offer of school-specific items as well as generic schoolwear items relevant to the customer).

  2. Expect to order greater than AUD10,000 per annum

Outside of these guidelines we are happy to discuss whether this service is of anticipated value to a customer, but generally find that ordering by email, with phone support is the simplest solution for most smaller customers.


What time of the year should I order our school uniforms?

            For the return-to-school January indent order, we prefer orders by May. For winter uniform March delivery we prefer orders by October.