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International Aid - Northern Nigeria

Wise Schools, as part of its commitment to fund education projects in highly disadvantaged regions, is pleased to announce that Christian Faith Ministries (CFM) in Northern Nigeria is the first recipient of its funding. Northern Nigeria has been devastated by years of conflict and CFM is doing truly remarkable work to facilitate peace through education.

10.5 million children in Nigeria are out of school. This is more than any other country in the world. Many of the children who go to school have no resources, not even exercise books or chairs. CFM's philosophy is "that if we don’t reach out to these children, they become the terrorists of the future. If we reach out to them and include them in our lives together as a nation, then we build peace for us all. It is simple, and it works." Truly amazing stories have emerged from their work which is transforming the local area and inspiring this large nation.

CFM describe their work with students as follows:

· We provide two Crisis Homes for children who are victims of Boko Haram or from other crises. This includes 220 children at present.

· We pay school fees for orphans in our local city schools. We do this for both Christian and Muslim children, and this has had a huge impact on bringing peace to our region. It shows people working together from different backgrounds, and this brings healing to the bitterness that past strife has produced. This includes 250 children at present. These children would not be in school without this support every term.

· We go into schools in our local rural areas, which have been broken down by conflict between Fulani cattle herders and local farmers. Many thousands of children have suffered loss of all their properties and schools destroyed. We provide books and help rebuild some classrooms. We also buy strong plastic tables and chairs for children who sit on stones, or we make them wooden tables and chairs.

· We also provide thousands of exercise books for children who don’t have any, along with biros, pencils and mathematical instruments.

· We provide vocational education for hundreds of children. This includes fashion and tailoring and many other skills.

· We provide cheap or free medical care for children in our schools and communities.

· We provide schooling for 1,200 children in our own schools, which include many of the poorest children in our region, who couldn’t otherwise afford education.

Wise Schools is highly motivated to grow its own business as 10% of all profit is directed by its constitution to support education projects for disadvantaged children through select charitable programmes. We are inspired by the dedication in the face of extreme danger that has allowed the work of CFM in northern Nigeria to grow into such a powerful force for peace. We are proud to contribute to their programmes’ success.