Partnering for success.

Supporting school-run and parent-run uniform shops

As a wholesale uniform specialist, Wise Schools is dedicated to making a school-run uniform shop easy, efficient and profitable. We supply to a large variety of Australia’s schools from small regional and community schools to large metropolitan schools across government, catholic and independent sectors at primary and secondary levels.

Our dedicated team provide friendly, flexible and personalised service.

Backed by a century of expertise, our knowledge of fabrics and manufacturing, supply chain management and stockholding services, ensure a simple and dependable partnership supporting your school-run uniform shop.

Seven reasons why a school should run their own uniform shop


Cost Efficiency: Running an in-house uniform shop eliminates the need for third-party vendors, reducing the overall costs associated with uniform procurement. Schools can negotiate competitive prices and pass on the savings to parents. This cost-efficiency benefits both the school administration and the families of students.


Quality Control: By operating an in-house uniform shop, a school can exercise direct control over the quality of uniforms. This allows the school to ensure that the uniform meets the desired standards, using durable and comfortable materials that stand up to regular wear and washing. Consistency in quality promotes a positive image of the school and enhances the sense of pride among students.


Streamlined Distribution: An on-campus uniform shop simplifies the distribution process, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of uniforms to students. This eliminates potential delays, lost orders, item shortages or errors that may arise when relying on external vendors. A school can customise the level of customer service and reliance on online ordering that suits its own community.


Enhanced Branding and School Identity: A uniform shop operated by the school provides an opportunity to reinforce the institution’s branding and identity. Often, the school shop becomes an important touchpoint for parents where a positive experience contributes to a positive image of the school within the community.


Employment and Learning Opportunities: Running a uniform shop offers potential employment opportunities for students, parents, or local community members. It can serve as a practical learning experience for students, fostering skills such as customer service, inventory management, and financial accountability. This hands-on experience enhances the overall educational environment and encourages student engagement.


Fundraising Potential: An in-house uniform shop can be used as a fundraising avenue for the school. With a commercial operation established, the shop can generate additional revenue that can be invested in educational programs, extracurricular activities, or infrastructure development. This fundraising potential supports the school’s financial sustainability and enriches the learning environment for students.


Improved Communication and Feedback: Direct involvement in uniform supply allows the school administration to gather valuable feedback from students, parents, and staff regarding the uniform policy and its implementation. The uniform shop becomes a communication channel through which concerns, suggestions, or requests can be addressed promptly, fostering a sense of transparency and community involvement. Operating its own uniform shop gives a school the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.